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Our Domestic Furry Friends

Our Domestic Furry Friends

Fury Friends

Earth FX International doesn’t just help wild animals, our commitment is also to the wonderful animals that continue to be a big part in many people’s lives around the world every day – Cats and Dogs


Cats and dogs are a constant source of love and affection for many people, they also help protect us, are our constant companions, and help in many other important roles in today’s society.


Unfortunately in many areas of the world cats and dogs are abandoned and become wild, transfer diseases to humans and have negative impacts on natural ecosystems. So Earth FX International is committed to creating Domestic Animal Units worldwide. These units will provide vital support for keeping domestic animals healthy, under control and also lessen the impact of disease and parasites through education, prevention and control.


We also aim to work with the government to secure registered breeding programs, desexing units and control programs in order to help keep domestic animals and wildlife in natural areas apart.


Earth FX International’s ultimate goal is to keep wild animals in the wild and domestic animals in the homes and under control of loving families.  We think it is important for people to have pets, however we don’t want them to become abandoned and out of control, which unfortunately is the case in many countries. We also believe that domestic and wild animals should not mix.


So what defines a domestic animal from a Wild animal?


It is defined that an animal that depends on humans for food, water and shelter, and has been selectively bred by humans is a domestic animal.

Wild animals are defined as animals found in nature that have had no direct influence from humans. They have wild behaviours and adaptations that help them survive in their particular environment.


For many species their behaviour, social, nutritional and psychological needs outweigh their ability to be domesticated. Often aggression and diseases make them particularly dangerous to be kept as pets because they are less predictable.

It is illegal for wild animals to be kept as pets in most countries/states because keeping wild animals as pets have significant impacts on  wild populations, the animal itself (mental and physical health), and also negatively impacts the ecosystem it is taken from.


Unfortunately there has been hundreds of cases where wild animals that have been kept as pets have attacked their owners, they have died before arriving to the intended destination,  and/or the animal has been released or escaped only to die slowly through not having developed its own natural survival instincts.


Interested in our projects? Please email us and we would love to talk further..