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Leading in Education…

Leading in Education…

High quality environmental and wildlife education!

Leading in Education…


High quality environmental and wildlife education is the key to our sustainable future worldwide, and Earth FX International aims at providing different programs to meet its objectives.


As Nelson Mandela said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’!


‘Wild Lives, Wild Earth’ is our school based education program to help ensure our future leaders grow up with full knowledge of how our world works and how it needs our protection. KNOWLEDGE can help save lives, it can help change circumstances, and Earth FX International has made it a priority to develop this extremely vital education program to help save wildlife and the environment while raising the health and well being of people internationally. And just imagine all countries in the world participating in the same program!


Then consider our:

Volunteer and intern programs – Encouraging visitors and interested people worldwide to experience and learn about our projects, key conservation concepts, and take that knowledge further into the world.

University based research projects and training programs – collaborating with universities internationally our aim is to encourage students to engage in our programs, and collaborate in research projects internationally.

Tourism and Zoo training programs – Engaging locals and nationals to learn about the tourism industry and zoo management, then gain Certificates for future and further work Nationally at the end of each course.

Vocational and Entrepreneur program – Encouraging communities to be involved in the tourism industry through sustainable merchandising opportunities and project development.

Company Environmental Policy Development – Making sure we all contribute to making our world a better place by starting locally. Assessing environmental effects throughout all operations. Reducing pollution, waste, use of raw materials and energy. Raising awareness, monitoring progress and encouraging ongoing training.

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