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Our Blog

  • 100 Acres of Conservation

    May 2015 I have been on the ground in Laos for just over 30 days, and I must say I love the place! Luang Prabang is this quiet but thriving town of old world charm, tourism, delicious tastes and friendly sounds. Its people are friendly …

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  • Looking for Partners

    Our aim is to develop a Conservation Centre, Education Centre and Research Centre in Luang Prabang, Laos PDR. . Focusing on developing partnerships locally and globally to help with understanding through education, and the development of research initiatives on local and global levels. . Our …

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  • Wild Lions 645 2

    Species Depletion

    Continual Species Depletion   Currently Lions are an endangered species. Within the last 100 years humans have managed to destroy numbers significantly from around 100,000 to approximately 20,000. Do we really have to have insurance species in zoo’s because we can’t manage our earth??   …

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  • IMG 1239

    Production & Publication

    Working together with Visionquest International, Earth FX International aims at producing high quality film and television productions that will help the international public understand our world and the wildlife that inhabit it. There is already significant interest in co-production, different television networks worldwide, and distribution …

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  • Elephants 069

    Rescue and Development

    Zoo Rescue and Development- We aim at taking zoos and wildlife sanctuaries internationally from poorly run zoo’s and badly managed wildlife facilities to places where animals are lifted to a place of equality and sustainability. These facilities will further help educate the public, protect species and animals …

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