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We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help

There is an amazing piece of land in Laos – perfect to position a Conservation Center. A Conservation Center containing a Research Center, Education Center, Wildlife Hospital and Wildlife Sanctuary.
This Center will be a vital part of Laos’s future – employment, training, tourism, research on economical, environmental and social aspects, and earth education. It would also be an important part of all ASEAN countries futures.
Earth FX International would like to purchase or lease this land, create its identity and business in Laos, and move forward in saving wildlife, teaching earth education and making a sustainable future for the Laos people.
But we need help! We need help in fundraising and gaining further interest, and help, to help move this project forward.

We know you all have busy lives, We know that other people in other countries may not be of interest to you, and We know that sometimes our lives aren’t easy.
*When you turn on a tap and clean water comes out that you can drink, or its hot – remember these people in Laos don’t have that luxury
*When you go to your fridge for something to eat – remember most people in Laos don’t have a fridge or food sitting around to be eaten. Many are lucky to have two meals a day and daily fishing is usually required to add flavor to a watery leafy soup that’s served with rice.
*When you go into your bathroom and take a shower – remember that many Laotians still wash in rivers, or under outside taps, or from a outside bucket
*When you get handed your weekly pay check or centrelink payment – remember that after working 6-7 days a week Laotians will get the equivalent of approximately $70/80.00 per month
*When you hop in your car with the family to go where ever you wish – remember that to have a scooter/motorbike is a luxury and then has to be shared with the whole family, and that could be 5 people on a bike at once
*When you put your clothes in the washing machine to wash them – remember that hours of hand washing is a reality every day for Laotians
And also understand that:
-Slashing and burning of the jungle comes from a need to farm the land to feed their families
-Capturing wildlife comes from the possibility of earning an income to help sustain a family
-Throwing rubbish everywhere comes from the lack of understanding for recycling or waste management or human health
-A lack of education comes from parents not having the money to send their children to school
-Not saving money comes from living from hand to mouth every day and every week
-Exploitation in different ways comes a lack of understanding, a lack of education and usually from other peoples greed, power and egos
We know Earth FX International can help change things around by working on all aspects of countries future. Join us today and help us start in Laos!
Email: myra@earthfxinternational.com if you can….. :-)