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Empower Communities


Medium Eci

Empower Communities

EMPOWER COMMUNITIES has one vision – to be dangerously effective in the fight to end extreme poverty, injustice and unfreedoms.


EMPOWER takes teams  all over the world, including Cambodia, Africa, India and locally in Australia to empower communities. Invitations continue to come in for EMPOWER COMMUNITIES to partner with NGO’s, Businesses and communities in new nations so we will be opening new trips to Philippines, South America and the Arctic.


EMPOWER Teams will participate in current EMPOWER Communities projects upon arrival in the villages/communities. The team will engage local leaders, business people, community members and youth in EMPOWER ABCD training, research work, project development, sporting clubs, festivals, etc. Team members will gain new skills, share values, be part of a cross cultural exchange and participate in establishing community development projects. EMPOWER takes teams from senior school (YOUTH), university (UNI), TAFE (TRADIES), professionals and others interested in empowerment work.


EMPOWER TEAMS are trained prior departure through UNLEASH TRAINING in Personal Potential, EMPOWER ABCD, Cultural Chameleons, Effective Training skills, The Ripple Effect and Pioneer Dreaming skills. For more information please see UNLEASH TRAINING DEBRIEF: At the completion of the project each team will spend 3-4 days debriefing on a sightseeing adventure of a lifetime including safaris, natural wonders, historical sites, cultural markets and more. EMPOWER Teams are Dangerously Effective and  aim to shatter low expectations and oppose evil by addressing social injustice both locally and internationally.

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