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Saving our World`

Saving our World`

Sunshine Coast Daily

Sunday, December 18, 2005

By Tara Conway


Australia has one of the worst rates of habitat destruction and greenhouse emissions in the world, yet most of us are unaware of it.

The marjority of us also wouldn’t know that koalas are under threat in south-east Queensland.

And if you did, then you’d be potentially doing it a lot of harm – its best to contact a carer because a joey in its mother’s pouch is generally latched on to its mother’s teat.

If you don’t know how to properly remove it, you can cause a lot of damage to its spinal cord.


There’s a whole swag of wildlife and environmental organisations that promote sustainable living and wildlife protection worldwide, yet people still don’t know the basic facts, which has inspired wildlife carer Myra Williams to produce a world-first umbrella organisation – Earth FX International – which links all organisations together.


“Although there’s a lot of organisations out there doing their bit, few people know about it,” she said. “There’s a huge gap in the market to get awareness out there, and although some organisations in Australia run ad campaigns, its not until 11 o’clock at night.”

“Earth FX International is an interactive, non-profit organisation aimed at making people from all over the world aware of what’s going on with the Earth’s incredible environment and its amazing wildlife and being able to share that information with one another.”

“People can send photos, poems, drawings, manuscripts, opinions, or just share their ideas and views.”

The organisation was officially registered in July.


Myra plans to spread the word about what organisations are doing, through school educational visits, promotions and rewards, membership, documentaries, non profit magazines, merchandising, major international environmental awards that recognise what other countries are doing to protect their environment and wildlife, and eventually even a television series.

“When other organisations rely on public donations, I’ll be sourcing funding through the strategies I’ve proposed,” she said.

“But all these aspects need to involve everyday people and need to be really interactive, so that it gets it (the word) out there”

“There are lots of brilliant people out there doing so much, yet we never hear about it.”

“When more people know about things, it creates change. I’ve got so many ideas – it’s something I’ve been working on for the past five to seven years.”


Through Earth FX International, Myra also plans to promote funding opportunities for environmental assets and projects.

These include national parks, disaster relief programs, education, information registers for wildlife vets and environmental academics, research projects, environmental clean-up initiatives, and environmentally friendly product, service development and promotion assistance.

Myra also has a vision to establish customs recovery programs and build more wildlife hospitals. “The illegal wildlife trade is also a huge problem. It’s happening everywhere,” she said.

“I’d like to see national parks funded by one organisation, and stop things like the national park in Kenya being changed to a reserve, which means the illegal bush meat trade is unpoliced.”

“And what about all the natural disaster programs aimed at helping the affected people around the world? With those disasters, the ecosystem has been forced into major predicaments – it’s not just the people.”

“I’ll be looking at helping to establish not just these people’s lives back, but the environment. There’s got to be a balance in the environment.”


Myra fears if people don’t change everyday practices that adversely impact our environment and wildlife, the world will be in irreparable disaster in years to come. “A lot of our washing detergents contain phosphorus, which is overloading and polluting the world’s water,” she said. “This in turn affects the fish in our waters, and plants. Diseases have also started to be more rampant because of what we have been doing to the environment, and it’s believed that in 100 years time, sea levels will rise seven metres, and soils will dry, wiping out our crops.”

“This is to name just a few of the tragedies that will occur. We have two years to change what we are doing. It’s something that we can’t keep ignoring.”

Myra said by doing simple things like using environmentally friendly products, installing rainwater tanks, turning off standby on our television sets, saving power, and for those who can afford it, using hydro-electric cars, we can make a big difference.


The former marketing, sales, advertising assistant is currently looking for active members to help spread the word. “The problem is that I don’t have a lots of people to bounce ideas off, so I need the members,” she said. “I want people to voice their opinion and be part of the majority of things that I do. There are also rewards for members too.”

“Members can partake by simply sending information about what’s going on in their part of the world, or just sending pictures of things – it’s about wildlife and environmental transfer of information.” “I know it can happen. I just need passionate people and the sponsorship.”

“And if I can get the majority of people, not the minority of people, to see what’s going on in the world, it will create change, and in turn make a better place.”


Interested people can contact Myra on 54…… or email her. Check out the website on www.earthfxinternational.com